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Shenzhen Shanghai Hotel is located on Shennan Middle Road, with more than 60 bus lines and subway line 1. It will welcome millions of customers to Huaqiangbei Commercial Street, SEG Plaza, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Huanggang Port, Luohu Train station, Window of the World, Happy Valley, OCT and other famous attractions; At the same time, it is across the road from the Shenzhen City Central Park surrounded by green trees, blending the prosperity and quietness of Shenzhen.
Grand Hotel is managed by Shenzhen Grand Skylight Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and has won many honors including Shenzhen Top Ten Hotels, Shenzhen Star Unit of Customer Satisfaction Service, and China Merit Enterprise in the 30 years of reform and opening up.
Shanghai Hotel Shanghai Restaurant is an old restaurant that has been operating for more than 30 years. It is quite famous in Shenzhen. After years of training and innovation, it provides guests with wonderful flavors with superb cooking skills, friendly service, and elegant environment. And a beautiful experience; Dream Cafe Western Restaurant adheres to the modern business environment protection concept to satisfy your freedom; and in this bustling and bustling city, the Shanghai Hotel has a comfortable travel "Old Shanghai Study Room" and reading floors, allowing you to enjoy the soul Serenity and relaxation.
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  • jerry her mother
    Service very helpful, hotel was very clean. good location, organizing think good
  • metro_cn
    Good ·~
  • e01671012
    Well, the company's foreign colleagues liked the hotel, also lived in this hotel, even travel in Dongguan, also liked staying here, like about this hotel.
  • jenliang
    Convenient rates also offers free snack service is good
  • wanglifeng711
    That's good
  • bee1018
    Very good staff and warm, the hotel is also very hard to find, just stay in the decoration door, wall, but has no effect, and across the street a lot food store, which is very convenient. walked a few steps is the subway. will stay next time.
  • e02999210
    Equipment is a bit old, but good friendly service. is located, the location of the business functioning is very convenient
  • stuartpan
    First, the reception is too slow, every time people wait a long time explaining that too many guests and, secondly, the room is too small, not suitable for a family of three. room quilts are very thick, not suitable for the season ... same price does not recommend living here.
  • ericlai2001
    Well, lack of staff during the Spring Festival.
  • roro276537861
    Very good, very convenient, have a history of taste, and thoughtful service
  • biosong
    Too old and too expensive,
  • mao8015430
    Very nice hotel, great location.
  • MBS430
    Pretty good, service very good. Worth recommending.
  • e03538514
    Overall, very nice hotel, especially the hotel service is good
    Service very friendly
  • dwy2010
    Great location, convenient traffic, service personnel are trained
  • tldw369
    Great location and very convenient
  • tanyadeng
    A very good environment and convenient
  • gigsammi
    Good location, good service, traffic around the convenience of life. but because the hotel is measured in years, decorated slightly old, but can make up for the lack of good health and services. next time I go to and would put
  • babyfacejia
    Although temperature is only 15 degrees, but the room is still some heat, air conditioning, not to force, to everyone's satisfaction.
  • dongbinbtm
    Very comfortable to a friend, very satisfied
  • lulu0000
    It's OK
  • dingo333
    Good location, hotel is old, musty smell ... service was good.
  • branddog
    Retro style is very unique and warm
  • e03349967
    Convenient, the room can also
  • bjliulan
    Very good choice, rooms a bit small, cost-effective
  • sunnylp
    Facilities are old and service prices slightly higher
  • anmoyan
  • dwwdiandian
    Very convenient location, all were satisfied.
  • ft456527
    Set to a friend
  • lijin_li
    Every time you stay in will have a small detail moved, a small hotel of the hotel will make guests feel right at home, also has been in the aviation complex, and always believe that your efforts, thank you!. Very good experience.
  • sting48
    Hotel looked old, good hotel services were good, fruit gifts, also sent the Longan And Red Jujube Tea before going to bed in the evening, guests. more common program-not much in the morning.
  • DianeYao
    That's good
  • fov12
    Which is very nice
  • leila
    Overall not bad
  • e01242269
    Holiday, Shanghai hotel staff will send cookies to room friend snacks, small partners praise!
  • elvayin
    I this year first times participate in Shenzhen Marathon of game, this hotel to public Center of starting points walk only must half hours. quite convenient, and distance Park is near, live up very comfortable. night I in II floor of Shanghai dish restaurant censure fee, taste is authentic, especially it of small cage package, b mouth bite down, inside of soup juice immediately spray out to mouth in, dang pharyngeal down of when taste on is meet, night sleep also is static, is air conditioning of air outlet voice slightly big. next morning on time parameterPlus the game, when after a run back to the hotel is nearly noon time to check out, I can shower and hotel accommodation package time, rang I was human and I 㑹 again.
  • A101212
    Good hotel, next time stay at this hotel
  • pang_wei
    Hotel was very nice, the location, the hotel lobby has a book, when bored, you can sit inside and read, very cozy!
  • silentsnail
    Convenient location ... near the meeting of the century Mall Metro station.
  • aprilxu
    Has always been the standard
  • cncbayer
    Good! health, cleanliness, overall environment very well, travel is convenient!
  • cordy
    It's not bad
  • fangfangtl
    Hong Kong hotel style
  • liyy96
    This hotel is celebrating 30 years anniversary and some of the facilities are showing the age effects. The room had strong cigarette smell. Bathroom walls are made of glass, which may be an issue for privacy.
  • bruder
    Kung Fu tea are very good, bathroom not bad exhaust fan
  • Joyce0302
    Business, easy to clean, good hotel, would stay.
  • rourou0922
    Expensive, rooms are a little small, but clean, air conditioning, very comfortable. Don't care about the price, suitable for business trip accommodation.
  • E02466492
    From Hong Kong back home for the night, not bad! prior to arrival the front desk will ask what kind of room you want to. is this price does not include breakfast!
  • LouisWan
    Perfectly fine hotel, very convenient, very nice.